Patha, Velvet Leaf, Harjori, laGau paaoa, jala jamanaI,


Sanskrit: Laghu Páþá, Jal Jamní

laGau paaoa,   jala jamanaI

Hindi: Patha, Harjori

English: Velvet Leaf

Latin: Cissampelos pareira Linn. Part Used: Root, bark, leaves


Habitat: Tropical and subtropical India (From Sind and Punjab to South India and Sri Lanka) Energetics: Very pungent, astringent-hot VK- P+ Tissues: Plasma, fat, reproductive

Systems: Urinary, digestive, excretory, female re- productive

Action: Mild stomachic, bitter tonic, diuretic, lithotriptic

Uses: Fever, diarrhea, dysentery, acid indigestion, edema, kidney inflammation, Brights Disease, chronic cystitis, urethral discharge, urinary and bladder diseases, later stages of bowel complaints (taken with aromatics like cardamom); leaves and root paste with bland oil—topically for sores, si- nuses, and itches. Recipe for colic; 4 parts laghu páóá: 5 parts pepper: 3 parts asafetida: 6 parts gin- ger; mix and add honey to make into a pill. The dose is three to five grains.

Preparation: Decoction, powder, extract

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