Home Remedies with PAPAYA

To treat a wound, take the milky white sap secreted from papaya peel and apply to the wound and bandage it with the peel.
To get rid of round worms and to get relief from constipation, take pieces of papaya peel and eat it with pepper powder mixed with lemon juice and salt.
To get rid of worms from the intestine, eat unripe papaya with sugar.
To treat heart debility and renew strength, take papaya fruit with honey and hot milk, which also acts like a tonic.
To  avoid bleeding in the ovary, which harms pregnancy, avoid giving raw papaya to pregnant women during the first month of pregnancy.
To give relief to majority of patients suffering piles, give papaya fruit to eat.
To cure nervous debility and improve body strength, give papaya fruit with honey and milk. This also helps breast-feeding women in gaining strength.
To get rid of marks on the skin, rub the affected region with papaya peel.
To get rid of worms from the intestines, eat 20 black seeds of papaya fruit for 2 to 3 days.
To get rid of intestinal bacteria, wash tender papaya leaves and eat them raw.
To digest the food eaten and help smooth movement of the bowel, eat papaya fruit after food in moderate quantities.
To renew the vigour and strength in breastfeeding mothers, give them papaya fruit daily in moderate quantities.
To control Malaria and Eye sore, eat papaya fruit regularly.

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