Pakhanbed, Dakachru,Saxifraga ligulata Wall


Hindi: Pakhanbed, Dakachru

English: None

Latin: Saxifraga ligulata Wall.

Part Used: Rhizome

Habitat: Found in temperate the areas of the Himalayas, from Bhutan to Kashmir and the Khassia Mountains.

Energetics: Astringent, sweet-cold-sweet PK-V+ Tissues: Plasma, fat, female reproductive Systems: Female reproductive, urinary

Action: Astringent, demulcent, diuretic, lithotrip- tic

Uses: Best herb for dissolving uric acid, urinary stones/gravel (especially phosphate; also oxalate); cough, diarrhea, safer (less irritating) diuretic, fe- vers, vaginal diseases, Váyu tumors, pulmonary teething irritation, scurvy, tumors, enlarged pros- tate. External —paste for boils.

Precautions: Amenorrhea

Preparation: Decoction, powder, paste


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