Home Remedies with OREGANO / AJWAIN

To cure cough and phlegm, drink a decoction made from ajwain, fenugreek powder water and honey, thrice a day.
To prevent skin diseases, eat ajwain grains with jaggery.
To treat swelling, apply a paste of ajwain and lemon juice on the affected area.
To cure sore throat, make a decoction of ajwain, salt and garlic in water and drink it a couple of times.
To obtain relief from painful wounds quickly, boil ajwain in coconut oil and apply on the wound.
To destroy many harmful bacteria in the intestines and to get rid of indigestion, stomach problem and Diarrhoea, chew and eat ajwain after taking food. ,
To avoid tooth decay and prevent bad mouth odour, eat ajwain grains.

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