Oranges (Swadu-naringa)

Oranges (Swadu-naringa)


Energetics: Sweet or sour/hot/sweet or pungent V– K+ P+ excess or sour variety. Sweet is the best variety

Action: Stimulant, expectorant, appetizer, refrig- erant, relieves thirst; peel—stimulant, carminative

Indications: Counters cough, diabetes, bronchitis, liver, heart disorders, vomiting, harmonizes stomach; high in vitamin C and A. A glass of fresh orange juice with a pinch of rock salt restores energy after exercising (Pitta doßhas add 10 lemon drops). A blood purifier, with meals for bile and scurvy; For babies—equal parts with water every 3 hours with mothers milk for stomach disorders. For children with anemia or nervous debility, mix grape and orange juice.

Precautions: Avoid with joint pain or bladder disorders

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