Office Fens Shui Benefits

Regardless of whether you see feng shui as a valid way of influencing events or as another form of superstition, there are a number of benefits in experimenting with both office feng shui and feng shui in general:
Feng shui makes you more conscious of how your environment influences your state of mind. An uncluttered work space with sufficient room to move will help you think more clearly and productively.

Utilizing the office feng shui guidelines will help you stay organized. Any form of simplification will also reduce stress.
Office feng shui helps you focus on the task at hand. If you remove all uncompleted projects and potential future ones to a separate storage area (where you won’t see them from your work space), you’ll eliminate a key source of distraction.
When you’ve finished decorating your work space, take a walk through it and note your first impressions:
Is it uncluttered?
Does it suggest flow? Are your tools placed logically and within easy reach?
Is it aesthetically pleasing? Do you enjoy being in this space?
Does it suggest focus? Power? Efficiency?
Is it inspiring? Motivating?

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