NEURITIS (Inflammation of the Nerves)

This ailment refers to the inflammation of the nerves in our body. Nerves in the various parts of the body, involving together is called Neuritis. This is known as ‘Tolypeutes”.
1. Burning and tingling sensation

2. Pain in the affected nerves as if stabbing

3. Sometimes paralysis may also occur
4 The patient may lose the sensation
5 Numbness may also happen to the patient
6 Certain times difficulty while closing the eyes because to the loss of the normal tone
1 Production of toxin in the blood
2 The toxin may also present in the other body fluids,
3. Wronu habits of living. Because of heavy over work.
5. Because of the furious injuries
6. Sometimes while suffering from diabetes.
1.. By taking the refreshed drink, prepared by the rose flowers and orange flower.
2. By using regularly for a fixed period, as prescribed by the doctor, a cup of soybean milk with a teaspoon of pure honey.
3. By drinking daily the raw juices of carrot and spinach, which are rich in elements.
4. By having the diet with ‘B’ vitamin sufficiently by which the pain, numbness and weakness in the body decreases.
5. By using the barley brew in a cup full of water mixed with the butter milk and a little lime juice.
1. To provide the patient more optimum nutrition.
2. The patient should be put on juice fast far at least 5 days, before giving him the optimum food like brown rice, cheese etc.
3. White bread, sugar, condiments, tea, coffee, etc. should be stopped.
4. Carrots, apple, pine-apple may be used for juices.
5. Hot baths with Epsom salts gives relief from this disease.
6. Daily walk is a common remedy for in this disease.

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