Nagakesara, Cobra’s Saffron, Mesua ferrea Linn


Sanskrit: Nágke¤har naagakèfar

Hindi: Nagakesara

English: Cobras Saffron

Latin: Mesua ferrea Linn. (M. Roxburghii, M. coromandalina

Part Used: Flower buds, flowers, fruit, seed, root, bark, oil

Habitat: Throughout India

Energetics: dried blossoms, root and bark—bitter; bark—mild astringent; dried flowers and blos- soms—astringent; fruit skin—astringent

Tissues: Plasma

Systems: Respiratory, digestive, excretory Action: Root—aromatic, sudorific Bark—aromatic, sudorific,

Bark oleo-resin—aromatic, demulcent

Unripe fruit—aromatic, acrid, purgative

Fresh blossoms —stomachic, bitter, aromatic, su- dorific

Dried flowers—stomachic, stimulant, carminative Uses: Leaves—poultice for head colds. Bark and root—decoction, infusion, or tincture for gastritis and bronchitis. Seed Oil—externally for skin con- ditions (e.g., wounds, sore, etc.), and rheumatism. Dried flowers—oil or decoction fragrance; as a powdered paste or with ghee, they are used for bleeding hemorrhoids and dysentery with mucus. Flowers are also used for thirst, excessive perspi- ration, expectorating cough, indigestion.

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