MIRRORS AND FENG SHUI Uses of mirrors in fens shui are

The mirror brings the feng shui energy of the water element.
Mirrors are used to expand a space, as well as to draw in the beneficial Chi, or feng shui energy.
Mirrors have been called the aspirin of feng shui; with proper placement, they can dramatically shift the flow of Chi, or feng shui energy, in any given space.
Mirrors bring a sense of refreshment and calm.
Generally, there are three categories of mirrors in feng shui:
Typical mirrors defined by shape (oval, round, square) and frame materials (wood, metal,etc.) For example, a round mirror in a gold leaf frame can be a beautiful feng shui wealth and abundance cure and work very well in the feng shui money area of your home or office.
Concave mirrors. In feng shui, the concave mirrors are mostly used outside; the mirrors produce an upside down, condensed reflection.

Convex mirrors have protective qualities, serving as a watchful eye. Mostly used outside in feng shui, although can be used inside, too, especially if nicely framed.
The Bagua mirror is a special type of feng shui cure that should never be used inside a home.

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