Home Remedies with MILK & MILK PRODUCTS

To provide good liquid food for children and pregnant women, give cow’s milk diluted with water.
To treat patients suffering from tuberculosis and nervous debility, give a cup of boiled milk of goat with a spoon of honey.
To get rid of bleeding during loose motions, give sheep’s milk along with the juice of a ripe lemon.
To improve general health, drink milk two hours alter food. Drink warm milk without sugar.
To treat thirst caused by the symptoms of illness, give hot milk with a pinch of turmeric powder and a spoon of honey.
To get quick relief to infants suffering from cough, feed them one spoon of donkey’s milk.
To improve general health and strength give moderate quantities of sheep’s milk.
To treat blocking of the urinary passage, take a few pieces of cardamom peel, powder it and mix it with milk and add one cup of tender coconut. Give this to the patient to get relief.
To soften the skin and make the body radiant and attractive, take bath in milk frequently.
To make pimples vanish and to make the skin radiant, take almonds, ground in to a paste in pure cow’s milk and apply on the pimples for a week.
To treat dry skin due to cold weather, apply cream of milk on the affected area.
To get cured from cold and cough, mix sugar candy and pepper powder and add them to hot milk and drink it.
To cure mouth ulcers (sore mouth), give a cup of foaming cow’s milk everyday to drink.
To stop nasal bleeding, introduce a law drops of breast milk in to the nostrils of the patient.
To get relief from eye infection, apply an eye liner (Black), prepared with butter and milk to the eyes.
To treat intestinal disorders, give curds in moderate quantities to the patient.
To prevent premature greying of hair, apply butter to the hair.
To cure chronic partial headache, take cooked brown rice and mix it with curds, made of cow’s milk and consume it before sunrise for three days.

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