Menopausal Disorders. (Irregular cessation of Menses)

This is the common disease for the females after 40 years
of age. This is the signification for the end of reproduction in their lives.
1. The women suffer from the hot flushes.
2. Sometimes feels night sweats
3 . Feels too much tired and fatigue.
4. Feels uninterested in sexual enjoyment.
5.  Suffers from headache.

6. And also by numbness.
1 Lack of a normal hormone balance

2.  Because of the severe headache by the bones, becoming thinner.
3 Because of the interference in the normal working of the ovaries.
4 Lack of ovarian hormones resulting calcium deficiency.
I By taking twice or thrice, the carrot seeds, boiled in the cow’s milk for certain period according to the suggestion given by the doctor.
2  Vitamin ‘D’ should be given to the patients to get more food of calcium with milk.
3  Beetroot juice is much beneficial when there is menopausal disorders.
4  The herb of Indian spikenard is also found useful in menopausal disorders.
5  The use of liquidity powder is also a home remedy if taken a tea-spoon daily for a few ays.
1  The important attention for the diet

2 The patient should utilise mostly the home-made cheese and the cow’s milk.
3  Juice by fresh fruits may be given to the patients to improve the health in this period
4. All refined and denatured foods should be avoided.
5. Walking and swimming are found helpful to avoid the mental and emotional stresses.
6. Sufficient sleep and rest is necessary to get relax and to maintain good health in this period.

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