Energetics: Sweet/cold/sweet P K+ V+ (in excess) Action: Refrigerant, febrifuge, diuretic, aphrodisiac


Indications: Watermelon (Chayapula)—summer heat, sunstroke, fevers, thirst, vexation, irritability, burning urine (taken with a pinch of corian- der), or burning sensations; blood purifier, cleans tissues; bleeding gums, canker sores in the mouth; high in vitamin A and C, (with seeds V=); antiseptic for typhoid fever. With cumin and cane sugar the juice helps urinary conditions, intestinal catarrh, and congested liver; Cantaloupe milder, is better for Váyu. For acne and rashes, and to promote soft skin rub melon rind on skin before bed. Watermelon binds the stool and flushes the kid- neys, but only eat them 3 hours after meals.

Contraindications: Eat alone.

Watermelon – do not eat at night or when cloudy (this causes edema or abdominal pain). Eating them in excess causes res- piratory problems. Not eaten with glaucoma

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