MEASLES (Skin Rash & Fever)

This type of skin disease is very common In childhood
this is a highly infectious disease.
I light fiver arises.
2  he child feels somewhat cold.
3 The eye will always be watering.
4 The child suffers from the dry cough lightly
5 The rashes, consisting of round small spots appear on the reddened skin, mostly on the sides of the face and also neck
6 In the beginning these rashes will be whitish and gradually go on turning in to black colour
7 In certain cases, high fever may also occur
1 The inflammation of the brain.
2 May also be caused by virus.
3 By the invisible droplets while the elders cough or sneeze.
4 By certain complications from the diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis etc
5 Because of wrong and irregular habits of feeding and dirty living condition
1 Orange juice is the best liquid for this disease. Beau;
(a) It cures from the intense toxemia,
(b) Prevents from the lack Salvia coats.
(c) destroys the thirst for water

2 Even the lemon juice destroys the thirst for water in this disease
3 Powder, prepared by the turmeric roots is useful for the cure, when used with honey drops
4 Juice from the bitter gourd leaves is also beneficial fo| the patients, suffering from this disease.
5 By using the barley water, when there is this disease, prevents the trouble some of coughing.
6  liquorice powder, mixed with the equal quantity of honey, also retrieves the patients from cough, when used regularly for the prescribed days
1  Fresh fruit juice, prepared by oranges and lemons is beneficial for the children suffering from this disease in the beginning
2  The room, where the patient child is residing should be kept clean and tidy

3  Warm water enema, every morning is heel there for the child, suffering from this disease.
4  Luke warm water bath is also helpful to the affected child in preventing from itches

5  Because this is an infectious disease the child, diseased. Should be kept in a separate room 6 The children in this condition should take complete rest

7  The patient should strictly avoid medication

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