Mango (Ámra)

Mango (Ámra)


Energetics: Yellow-ripe Mangos: Sweet/hot/sweet VP- K+. Green-unripe mangos: sour, astringent/ cold/pungent VK- P+ (except when prepared as chutney)


Action: Demulcent, diuretic, astringent, refriger– ant, skin-astringent


Indications: Nervous or weak digestion, constipation, vitality, strength, semen, skin, atonic indigestion. Bark infusions, or skin diarrhea, dysentery, hemorrhoids, high in vitamin C. It is good for pregnancy and improves lactation. Drinking warm milk with ghee one hour after eating a ripe mango im- proves energy and vitality. Unripe or sour aids di- gestion. Pulp diabetes, blood pressure. Pickled for colds; seed powder vaginal discharge; high in vitamin C. As chutney, they are eaten with meals, improving digestion and enhancing the foods flavor.

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