Feng Shui follows the Five Element Theory. In fact, it is one of the main theories of Feng Shui. The five elements
are considered the main manifestations of Chi, the vital energy. According to the Chinese, everything in this world belongs to one of the five elements or energies, namely earth, water, wood, metal and fire. They are believed to affect every action and activity and produce life changing effects, when applied to daily life. It is also fortified by the fact that all the twelve horoscopes are based on the five elements.
The element Wood is creative and innovative. The creative expression of a person is enhanced, if possessing more quantity of the element. It exhibits the quality of being pliable and flexible (willow) and being sturdy and steadfast (oak) simultaneously. The element of Wood breeds social and community minded attitude. It represents the color Green, the season of spring and the direction east. It also signifies the birth and early childhood in the life cycle.

Fire is the element of a natural leader. It provides energy and enthusiasm, but at the same time, it also signifies danger. If too much of Fire element is present, it can result to destruction. It cheers and warms, but also burns and destroys. It is also related with the early years before puberty. The color associated with this element is Red and indicates the season summer and the direction south.
Earth is the most stable one amongst all the five elements. It relates to the firmness of real estate and legacies. The attributes associated with Earth element are patience, honesty, fairness and organization. It can also be demanding and overpowering. Earth is also represented by the color yellow and stands for the center and the teenage years.
Metal is also an element which needs balancing. It usually refers to gold and indicates harvest, business and financial success. It also has a negative side, as it relates to a sword or knife, and can be destructive and violent. Metal Represents the adulthood. The color associated with this element is White, the season is autumn and the direction is west.
Water breeds life and nourishes all life forms on the earth. It is congenial for travel, communication and learning. It also relates to literature, art, and media.
Though it is pleasing in the form of gentle rain, it is forbidding as a hurricane. It also wears away the hardest rock, in its fury. The color representing Water is Black, the season is winter and the direction is north. It also symbolizes old age.
This is the productive cycle
Wood feeds Fire, Fire feeds earth, Earth feeds metal, Metal feeds water, and Water feeds Wood. This is known as the Sheng cycle.
Destructive cycle
Metal destroys Wood, wood destroys earth, earth destroys water, water destroys fire, and fire destroys metal.
Controlling cycle
Wood controls metal, metal controls fire, fire controls water, water controls earth, earth controls wood.
Dissolving cycle
Wood dissolves water, water dissolves metal, metal dissolves earth, earth dissolves fire, and fire dissolves wood.
Wood as a first element: Use as many as green plants in indoors also.
The first element is wood because it is the beginning of new life; it is the creator of the five-element cycle. We have heard many times that people use wood furniture as a wood element, this is not a good substitute to use as furniture is dead wood it is lifeless and contains none or little Chi, although it can contain positive energy, if it has had a good history, remember furniture, books, virtually anything can contain bad energy from previous owners or even someone who has handled it, that is why we cleanse all our products we sell before we send them, out, because we do not always know the history behind them whilst they were being manufactured. You need to use live wood in the form of a bushy plant similar to a “money plant” as it holds so much live Chi and also retains it. Plants also filter the air we breathe; it is so much better to use a natural form when it comes to the wood element. Remember to feed and water it, because if it dies it will hold Sha Chi, even on any dead leaves, so keep it in good condition. The wood element can be replaced by the colour green. I find that the colour is not as effective as the element of live wood though. There shou’dn’t be many times that you need to use a colour to replace live wood as there are so many plants that we can use indoors. You can of course use both together.
Wood represents the directions of East.
Use candles properly-Fire
Fire Element is the most “Yang” of the elements. Because fire is so Yang, this is the one instance where colour does work well. A tea-light or table lamp with a red shade make excellent fire remedies, please be very careful when using candles. Fire represents the South.
* Using a terracotta pot with soil is good Earth element is often confused with soil, which is only part of the element, it needs to be combined with rock, clay, and stone etc. i.e. a terracotta pot filled with soil is a perfect earth element, or a clay statue. Earth colours are yellow, beige but not as effective as the real element itself.
Earth represents the North East, it also represents the South West. In addition, it represents the “Centre” of the Master Trigram 5.
* Use a three legged toad-metal
Metal can be found in many forms. Silver, Gold, Copper, and Bronze are just a few of the Metal Element. You can also be creative when using this element; you could use a brass Kwan yin, three-legged toad or a nice Dragon. When choosing an element try to look at the shape, don’t use sharp points or unattractive objects just because they have the element you need, Feng Shui is about creating a harmony and balance and it should look attractive in the environment.
The colours you should use are white, gold, and silver. Metal is in the West, it is also in the North West.
* Water as power
Water is the key element; we would not exist without it, our planet as our body is made up of mainly water. It is a very powerful element to use, it should always be clear and free flowing, never let it go stagnant, as this will create many problems. A fountain or aquarium is ideal or a simple fishpond in the garden. Water has always been associated with power. It has been used for thousands of years by Kings and Emperors in the form of protection as in a moat, or a powerful attraction for abundance. If you look at most Cities today, they are either positioned near the water or have large lakes or rivers close by. Most ocean-side and lakeside homes are also sought after. The colours blue or black can replace water. Water represents the North.
Be sure you are not using water or any water related paintipgs, pictures in your bed rooms.

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