LOW BLOOD SUGAR Hypoglysiemin

This ailment is also called as “Hypoglycaemia This ailment occurs due to the disorderofblood sugar metabolism
1. Nervousness.
2. Fatigue and tiresome,
3. Feels depression,
4. Sometimes suffers from head ache
5. Absent mindedness,
6 Sweating and trembling
7 Sexual disturbances
8 Even dizziness
9 Feels too hungry and eats &. frequently to quench the hunger
1 Because of taking the sugary foods excessively in the daily diet
2. Because by the intake of refined combo hydrates excessively
3 Disorders in the liver because of the disturbance in its function.
1. Apples with peels should be taken, after the meals regularly.
2. Sabbath by molasses is also found beneficial in law blood sugar
3. Vegetables and fruits and even milk products may be used liberally in the daily diet
4 Intake of cooked grains will keep the blood sugar level normal
5 Drinking milk and butter milk and fruit juices between meals is found profitable in preventing from the disease
1 By products of white flour and white sugar should be given up
2 Coffee, soft, drinks and even the use of alcohol should be stopped
3. Complete rest is needed for the suffers from this disease
4 Bhujangasana Vakrasana, Halasana and other yoga sanas should be adopted in practice regularly
5 Raw seeds, nuts grains should be taken in the daily diet

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