When the blood pressure falls below the normal, then it is considered to be Low Blood pressure. This is also called is “Hypotension”
1. The body becomes weak.
2. The patient falls fatigue and tired.
3. Some times even the dizziness rises.
4. Urinal works frequently.
1. It is because of the negligence in using the food i.e., faulty nutrition.
2. Less supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.
3. Deficiency in proteins, calories and Vitamin C.
4. Because of loss of more blood.
5. Because of slow bleeding in the kidneys bladder.
6. Because of certain emotional problems.
1 . By drinking a cup of beet root juice daily twice, once in the morning and once in the evening.
2. By using the salty food more and drinking a cup of water
with a little salt
3 By using nutrients containing the Vitamin C and E to normalise low blood pressure
4 Hot Epsom salt bath is also beneficial m the disease.
1 Fresh fruits diet should be adopted in the beginning.
2 Fruits-meals four times daily with an interval of 5 hours
3 Gradually well-balanced diet may be adopted.
4 Warm water enema to cleanse bowels
5 Swimming and cycling are found better in curing this disease.
6. Sun and air bath sufficiently.
7. All needless worries to be given up
8. Overwork and overeating should be avoided

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