LEUCODERMA (White Smooth patches on the Skin)

The  name itself gives the meaning “White Skin” This is also called as “Vitiligo” These patches make the skin of the human body ugly though being no organic trouble It is neither infectious nor contagious
1  The skin of the face looks ugly in black complexion .

2  In the beginning, there appears a small white spot on the skin and develops into patches later on

3  Gradually the patches becomes whiter and whiter
4  Later on these small patches merge into one another and become the large white spot

5 ometimes complete body may turn into the white colour

1 Because of the mental risk and worry to a maximum extent
2 Sometimes this disease may spread chronically

3 Due to the gastric disorders I

4 This may cause because of hereditary also
5 Because of the worms or parasites in the elementary canal.

6 Due to certain diseases like jaundice, typhoid etc.
1. By the usage of radish seeds. Paste should be made by these seeds and should be applied on the white patches for certain weeks.
2. Turmeric should be pounded into powder. They should be soaked in the warm water. Three afterwards should be mixed with mustard oil and should be preserved in a bottle for a couple of months By applying this mixture on the patches, the patient may get cured.
3. Poales seeds are considered to be the beneficial remedy for “Leucoderma” Seeds should be steeped in ginger juice for a week, renewing the fluid daily. Husks of the seeds should be rubbed the hands should be dried up in the shade and then be powdered. This powder should be taken in a cupful of milk daily for at least 45 days, without break.
4. The paste of ground seeds on the white spots.
5. An equal quantity of tamarind and psorales seeds should be mixed in ginger juice for complete three days. .And then the seeds should be drained in the shade should then, be grounded into paste. By applying the paste for duration time, according to the suggestion by the doctor, the patient may get rid of this disease.
6. The vegetable Goose Foot is also considered to be the home remedy for this disease. This vegetable should be eaten daily in the morning and evening. The juice by the leaves should be applied on the spot for at least a couple of months over the patches for complete cure.
7 Reg clay found by the river side is also found valuable in treating the white patches of the skin. The clay should be mixed with ginger juice in equal proportional should be applied on the patches before going to bed.
8 Drinking water, kept in a clean copper vessel is also found as beneficial remedy for‘Lucoderma’.
1  In the beginning the patient should practise fast of juices for a couple of weeks.
2  The non he may lightly use fresh fruit and steamed vegetables with chapatis as diet.
3 The foods to be taken may be merged with honey, curds
and yeast.
4  Tea, coffee and alcoholic food should be avoided.
5 Even the condiments sugar, tinned or bottled foods should be avoided.
6 Luke warm water enema is essential daily during the initial juice fast for a week.

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