Kuþki, Kaþki, Picrorrhiza kurroa Benth


Sanskrit: Kaþuká


Hindi: Kuþki, Kaþki

English: None

Latin: Picrorrhiza kurroa Benth.

Part Used: Dried rhizome

Habitat: North Western Himalayas, from Kash- mir to Sikkim

Energetics: Bitter PK- V+

Tissues: Plasma, blood, marrow/nerves, female re- productive

Systems: Excretory, female reproductive, digestive, circulatory, nervous.

Action: Small doses—bitter stomachic and laxa- tive; large doses—cathartic; anti-periodic, chola- gogue

Uses: Metal toxicity, liver, epilepsy, paralysis, em- menagogue, emetic, abortifacient, skin diseases, improves eye sight, bilious fever, constipation due to small intestine secretion; with equal parts lico- rice, raisins, neem bark; with aromatics for worms in children, fever, malaria.

Preparation: Tincture, extract, powder, pills

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