Kidney stones (Py clolith lasis)

Sometimes stones form in the kidneys and trouble in the urinal work These stones are formed because of the phosphorus, calcium in the food and also bv uric acid They form and grow sometimes to the size of the bird’s egg. because of the concentration of a definite substance in the urine
1 Severe pain when passing down the urine, discharged from the bladder

2 Frequent desire to urinate Pain in the groin and thighs
4 Burning pain when uniting
5 The patient, some times, passes blood with unne.
6 Passing urine with avoiding

1 Because of the defects in the metabolism.
2 When the urine highly concentrates due to heavy’ perspiration
3 Because of wrong and irregular takings of the diets
4 Because of in taking the excessive acid forming foods.
5 Because of orer eating
6 Because of the lack in vitamin A’ and excessive in taking
of vitamin D’
Dried French beans also known as kidney beans are considered to be ‘ he well-known home remedy for this type of disease. This is also beneficial for bladder troubles
2 Apples and grapes are useful in preventing the kidney troubles
3 The seeds of pomegranate are found to be the useful home remedy for the said disease They may be used either sour or sweet
4. By taking the basic juice with honey regularly at least for four months with the suggestion by the doctor
5 Water melon is the best remedy to this disease because it contains the highest concentration of water and also potassium salts
1. The patient should avoid to take the food in solid, but certain fluids in liquid forms to prevent the urine from becoming concentrated
2. Should not use the foods like pickles condiments and alcoholic beverages
3 Even the vegetables like spinach, radish cucumber, onion, meats etc. should not be used.
4 Fruits should be liberally used
5 The patient should take a low-protein diet
6 ^he patient should be given a large warm enema
7 The head should be wrapped in a cold towel after the hot water bath.
8 Havana Mukthasana, Bhujangasana, Halasana and even Dhanurasana are very beneficial in this case

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