Isapghul, Ispaghula or Spogel Seeds, Plantago ispagula


Sanskrit: ͤhabgol, Snigdhajírá

[fabgaaela, isngDajaIra



Hindi: Isapghul

English: Ispaghula or Spogel Seeds

Latin: Plantago ispagula; P. ovata Forsk. Part Used: Seeds

Habitat: Throughout India Energetics: Cold, astringent VPK= Systems: Digestive/Excretory

Action: Demulcent, emollient, laxative, diuretic Uses: Excellent for constipation (with warm wa- ter) and diarrhea (with cold water). Seed swell and thicken (mucilage) when soaked in water. It passes through the small intestine undigested, lin- ing the mucus membrane (demulcifying and lu- bricating). May inhibit intestinal organism growth. The thickened jelly absorbs toxins (áma) and bac- teria. It is useful for catarrh, chronic dysentery, intestinal problems, bladder, kidney and urethra problems (including inflammations and burning), digestive disorders, and fevers. Further uses include gonorrhea, gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, cystitis, a demulcent for coughs and colds (espe- cially for children).

Preparation: 1-2 tbs. in warm or cold water, stirred until it thickens into a gel

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