This disease is commonly known as “Flu”. This disease is caused from the influenza virus. This is also a wider spread epidemic disease among the people.
1. This disease may strike at any time.
2. In the beginning the patient feels a little chill.
3. He will also have a little fever.
4. The patient feels thirsty and fatigue.
5. A little running of nose and eyes.
6. Weakness in the body troubles the patient weeks together.
7. Temperature rises upto 102°F.
8. Sometimes coughing also troubles the patient.
1. This is a sort of viral disease.
2. Commonly Causes by the wrong and irregular feeding in the daily diet
3. Because ofexcess ofwork.
4. Because of residing in the dirty and stuffy rooms.
5 Because of infection from any other person.
6.  Due to the lack of proper exercises.
1.  Long pepper powder mixed with honey and ginger juice should be taker thrice a day for a couple of week.

2. Onion juice with honey is found to be the best treatment of this disease.
3 .  The decoction of the fresh leaves of basil plant is considered to be a best home remedy for the immediate relief of this disease.
4.  The usage of garlic by the patient sufficiently is also considered as a common home remedy for this disease

5. Ginger juice mixed with honey is also useful, if it is taken by the patient for a particular time. This remedy reduces the fever and increase the sweating.
6. Turmeric powder mixed with warm milk should be taken
by the patient, thrice a day.
7. The juice of grape fruit is also very beneficial to get cured from this disease.
1.  In the beginning the patient should be kept under the l reatment of using only fruit juice.
2. After the decrease in the temperature he may be allowed to adopt an all fruit diet, at least for a week.
3.  care should be given for providing the patient with fresh fruits and vegetables uncooked.
4. Condiments spices, alcohol, tobacco, potatoes should be avoided till the complete cure from the disease.
5. Warm water enema should be taken by the patient in the beginning.
6. Cold body packs should be applied as many times daily to decrease the temperature.
7. The patient should take complete rest.
8. Cold water should never be given to the patient to drink.

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