Home Remedies with INDIAN BORAGE

To get rid of rashes due to bile problems, take Indian Brage leaves and make a paste using turmeric stem and water. Apply this to the body and take a hot water bath after half an hour.
To get rid of giddiness, pound Indian borate leaves and mix it in curd to make chutney and consume it.
To be relieved of stomach ache and gasping, consume Indian Brage in curds.
To treat cold in children, give them the juice of Indian Brage leaves, holy basil, beetle leaves mixed with honey.
To get relief from Bile related problems, eat cleansed raw Indian Brage leaves.
To cure Jaundice, consume Indian Brage leaves for 10 days.
To treat cough, breathing problem and  indigestion, make chutney using Indian Brage leaves and cat il with rice.

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