icarayataa, Kiryat- charayatah,

Sanskrit: Chiráyatá (Kirata-tikta)


Hindi: Kiryat- charayatah

English: None

Latin: Swertia chirata Ham.

Part Used: Leaves and whole plant

Habitat: Himalayas; over

4,000 feet Energetics: PK- V+ (King of the Bitters)

Tissues: Plasma, blood, muscle, fat

Systems: Circulatory, respiratory


Action: Anthelmintic, astringent, bitter tonic, feb- rifuge, stomachic, antidiarrhetic, antispasmodic Uses: Excellent for fever, skin diseases, blood pu- rifier, worms, wounds, malaria; tonic for heart, liver, and eyes, cough, scanty urine, sciatica, a gen- tian substitute, toxic blood, enlarged spleen and liver, catarrh, intestinal spasms, anemia, indiges- tion, obstinate urinary disorders (some say diabe- tes also), cleanse ulcers; the best form is (Tinnevelly Nilavembu).

Precautions: High Váyu

Preparation: Powder

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