Hysteria (A Neurotic Disorder)

This is the disease of mental disorder because of intense anxiety It occurs to both males and females Mostly to the voung ladies in the age between fourteen to tw env four veer s Its occurrence is because of the uncontrolled over the acts and also emotions

1 Feels heaviness in the limbs
2  Difficulty while breathing
3  Swelling of the nec*k
4  Sometimes sew ere headache.
5 Clenching of the teeth
6  Painful constriction in the chest

7  Violent and terrible heart beats

8  Fnght eking convulsions
1 Sexual repression
2. Sometimes hereditarily occurrence
3. The emotional situations, by (a) mental sit cut (b) idleness (e) stress, (d) fear) (e) worry mine
1 Honey is a beneficial remedy for this disease, taking one tea spoonful honey, daily once, gives the effective relief in few days.
2 Put some Jam fruits in the jug water mixed with salts at least for a week, to use at least three fruits ‘ally in empty stomach for a couple of weeks. The patient will get relief from the disease.
3. The herb rawwalfia is very beneficial in this disease. The powdered root of this herb is to be mixed in a cup filled with milk and should be daily in the morning time till a complete cure.
4. To adopt an all fruit diet for two to three weeks continuously.
5. To use very much the juicy fruits like Pineapples, Apples, Grapes, Oranges, Papayas etc. instead of meals.
6 A diet of milk may be followed proportionally with all fruit diet after consulting with the expert doctors.
1 Alcoholic food and liquids should be given up completely.
2 Usage of tobacco and practice of smoking should be avoided.
3 White Sugar and white flour products should not be used.
4. The patient should practice the self controlling capacity.
5. Proper sex-education is to be given to the married people, through reading the good books referring to the subject.
6. The patients should take away their minds from self and induce cheerfulness.
7. Some Yogasanas like Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana, Dhanurasana, Halacha etc are  rotective for remedy to the patients caused by Hysteria.
8. Weak patients should not be forced for Yogasanas.

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