Home remedies with NEEM

To get rid of ringworm, take freshly plucked neem leaves, make it in to a paste with curds and apply to the affected region.

To get rid of skin diseases, massage the affected area, with neem oil.
To heal wounds quickly, wash the wounds with decoction, made out of neem leaves in water. Make a paste made of bark of the neem tree by grinding that on a stone. Apply this paste on the wound, twice a day for four days, to get cured soon.
To stop fulling of hair and prevent greying for a long time, wash the hair with the decoction of neem leaves with water regularly.
To get rid of lice in the hair, make a smooth paste of neem seeds in water. Apply this paste to the hair and let it remain for eight hours. Then wash the hair with neem leaves decoction in water.
To treat the blurring of vision, take tender green neem leaves, pound them in a little water and filter it. Introduce the juice drop by drop in to the eyes, to improve the vision.
To reduce pain in the ear, introduce into the ear, the vapour produced by boiling neem leaves in water.
To destroy any insect that may have entered the ear, mix the juice of neem leaves with a little salt and warm it. Put a few drops in to the affected ear.
To arrest nasal bleeding, introduce drop by drop the juice of neem leaves in to the nostrils.
To control and stop continuous sneezing, put a few drops of the juice of freshly plucked neem leaves into the nostrils.
To heal sore throat, use warm juice of neem leaves with honey for gargling.
To cleanse the teeth and cure tooth problems, use a twig of neem tree as a tooth-brush regularly.
To get cured from gum problems, rinse the mouth every day with neem leaves decoction in water.
To cure headache, take a teaspoon or two of the juice made from tender neem leaves a few times.
To treat a patient suffering from fever, make a decoction using the inner layer of the bark of the neem tree and give it to him daily to drink.
To bring down nausea, take the juice made of neem leaves orally drop by drop.
To cure piles, take the seeds of the neem tree, which have fallen to the ground, dry them thoroughly and powder them. Give half a spoon of this powder every morning with honey to the patient.
To treat Piles, mix neem flowers with sugar candy in equal quantities. Preserve this for a month in a ceramic vessel. Then take one spoon of this jam (mixture) every day on empty stomach.

To get rid of the burning sensations in the palms and the feet, lake freshly plucked neem flowers, soak them for a day in water. Filter the mixture and drink the water every three hours.
To prevent infection in the female private parts, make a decoction of neem leaves in lukewarm water and use it for washing frequently.

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