Highland amphibians and extremely diluted thyroxine

Introduction: After more than two decades of experimental work on a model with amphibians and extremely diluted thyroxine, we now can refer to an independent metaanalysis by B. Harrer from Berlin on the international replication record of that model. A detailed account of the difficulties of this line of research has been published previously. One experiment found to be reproducible both by ourselves (i.e. the initial team) and by independent researchers inquires into the effect of thyroxine (T30x) (an ultra-high dilution obtained by 30 successive steps of tenfold dilution according to instructions of homeopathy) v analogously prepared water (W30x) in amphibians from highland biotopes. The purpose of Harrer’s study was to replicate this experiment and to perform a metaanalysis reanalyzing the results reported by the initial team and by the independent researchers between 1991 and 2012.

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