High Blood Pressure is also called as “Hypertension”
This is considered to be the “quiet killer” . This disease plays
a dynamic role in rising the blood pressure highly
1 Pain at the back of the head
2. Pain in the neck while walking.
3. Dizziness and laziness.
4. Feels fatigue and tiresome
5. Urination many time
6. Difficulty while breathing
7. Sometimes the patient feels nervous tension.
8. Pain in certain portion of the heart.
1 Irregularities and disorders in our livelihood.
2 Excess of smoking and taking intoxicating drinks.
3 Excess food prepared by refined oil.
4 Hardening of the arteries.
5 Because of the disease, diabetes.
6 Excess in eating the fatty foods

1 Garlic capsules should be used daily, with the suggestions by the doctors. This gives relief from giddiness.
2. The proper use of lemon controls high blood pressure sufficiently.
3. The use of grapes fruits prevent the H.B.P. and assists in turning up the arteries.
4. The usage of brown rice is also beneficial to this disease, because it contains calcium in it.
5 Raw vegetable juices by carrots, spinach etc. is a beneficial treatment when H.B .P is caused.
1. The Patient should adopt a well-balanced diet system.
2. Meats, eggs etc. should not be used. Because they rise the blood pressure highly.
3. Fruits and vegetables containing calcium, should be used sufficiently.

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