HIGH BLOOD CHOLESTEROL. (Hypercholest erolaemia)

This type of disease leads to heart attack Any potential candidate should have high blood cholesterol. This disease is mostly caused by the foods we use.
Always worry minded
2 Weakness in the body
3 Low breath

1. Because of using the rich foods in excess.
2. Because of using more butter and ghee or the products bv them
3. Due to the excess use of white flour, sweets, nonsectarian foods etc
4 Because of certain irregular habits.
5 By smoking and alcoholic drinking

1. Lecithin, though a fatty food, is beneficial is curing this heart disease
2 Sunflower seeds are also profitable if used, which help in reducing the fatness on the cholesterol walls
3 By taking the foods containing more Vitamin E, in the food like grain, soya bean oils, etc
4 The decoction prepared by the seeds of coriander also helps in lowering the blood cholesterol.
5 The oil, extracted by the seeds of the herb ishabgul is also beneficial to this disease
1. Foods affecting in the level of LDL and HDL to be reduced.
2 Eggs, meat, butter, beef etc should be given up, when this disease attacks
3 Pure water should be drunk in plenty when this disease is caused
4, Because of this drinking this stimulates the exeratory
disease of skin as well as kidneys
5 Regular physical exercises help in lowering the LDL.

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