Guggul, Indian Bedellium, Balsamodendron mukul Hook


Sanskrit: Guggul


Hindi: Gugal

English: Indian Bedellium

Latin :  Balsamodendron  mukul  Hook.  (B. agollocha., Commiphora mukul; C. africana)

Part Used: Resin


Habitat: Eastern Bengal, Mysore, Rajputan, Sind, Assam, Berars, Khandesh

Energetics: All but sour and salty-hot-pungent KV– (P+ in excess)

Tissues: All

Systems: Circulatory, digestive, nervous, respira- tory

Action: Alterative, analgesic, antispasmodic, as- tringent, expectorant, nervine, rejuvenative, stimu- lant

Uses: Best herb for arthritis, hyper-cholesterol, bronchitis, cystitis, debility, diabetes, disinfects secretions (e.g., mucus, sweat, urination), en- dometritis, fat reducing, gout, heals skin and mu- cus membranes; hemorrhoids, increases white blood cell count, indigestion, leukorrhea, lumbago, menstrual regulator, nervous disorders, neurosis, obesity, plaster for gums and throat ulcers, pus dis- charges, skin diseases, sores, tissue regenerating catalyst, heals bone fractures, toxin reducing, tu- mors, ulcers, whooping  cough, edema, enlarged cervical glands, parasitic infection, abscesses, rheu- matic disorders.

Precautions: Acute kidney infections and rashes; avoid eating sour, sharp indigestible things; exhaus- tion, sex, sun exposure, alcohol, and anger when taking this herb

Preparation: Powder, pill

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