Home Remedies with Guava

To get rid of pimples from the face, make a smooth paste of Guava leaves and apply to the face.
To prevent dental decay, keep chewing raw Guava and eat it with relish.
To get rid of the bad smell emanating due to sweating, apply a paste made out of smoothly ground guava leaves to the body and take a hot bath after some time.
To prevent heart problems, jaundice, respiratory problems and tuberculosis like ailments or diseases in pregnant
women, give them guava fruit pulp without seeds mixed with honey.
To  cure skin diseases, grind guava leaves with sandal paste and apply to the body.
To destroy lice in the hair, apply the same paste and take a hot head bath.
To cure ulcers and gum bleeding and get rid of bad mouth odour, tender guava leaves with salt in water to be used for rinsing the mouth thrice a day.
To prevent ulcers and gum bleeding use the above decoction (explained above).
To get relief from itching and rashes due to liver related problems, make a paste of tender guava leaves, with Indian Brage leaves in curds and apply it to the body and take a hot bath afterwards.
To  prevent diarrhoea and chest pain, make a decoction of a tender Guava fruit (with the seeds removed) in buttermilk and consume it.
To get relief from stomach ache and heaviness, eat a ripe guava fruit with salt and ground pepper.
To cure patients suffering from stomach ulcers, menstrual problems jaundice and are under medical treatment, lake the kernel of a ripe guava fruit, without seeds and mix it with honey and milk and give it to them. This also improves their health and strength.

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