Grapes (Drakäha)

Grapes (Drakäha, M^idvíká)   


Energetics: Green: sour/hot/pungent V PK+ Purple, red or black: Sweet/cold/sweet V– PK+

Action: Refrigerant, thirst relieving, nutritive, de- mulcent, diuretic, and hemostatic, laxative, aph- rodisiac


Indications: They are said to be the best of the fruits; and provide immediate relief from thirst, burning, fever, difficult or painful breathing, bleed- ing, consumption, wasting, Váyu and Pitta feces retention, hoarseness, alcoholism, dry mouth, and cough. They help the eyes, blood (rich in iron), and elimination of urine and feces; lungs, TB. They help anemia, heart disease, and palpitations, difficult or burning urine, thrush in children, colds, jaundice, chronic bronchitis, Brights disease, gout, edema, cancer, detoxification  biliousness, acid- ity, liver stimulant, energy, skin disorders, consti- pation, prevents gum disease and tooth decay; and cleanse all tissues and glands. Black grapes build blood. The juice is used for fevers. Raisins taken with herbs are a blood tonic; for debility, sweeten and harmonize stomach; less likely to aggravate Kapha; contains many vitamins and minerals. Eat- ing a handful of raisins daily helps with enlarged liver and spleen. Drinking soaked raisin water and the raisins each morning improves digestion. Re- search indicates grapes and raisins may prevent cancer.

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