Gout (Painful Bony Joint)

This type of disease refers to the form of inflammation of joints and also swellings. Mostly this disease attacks middle-aged men and sometimes women after menopause. This disease is also called as painfi.il Bony Joint.
Causes and Symptoms.
1 Commonly this type of disease begins by the acute pain in the big toe.
2 This even affects the joints like the knees and the wrists.
3  This occurs mostly during midnight or early in the morning, when the patient is disturbed in his sleep.
4    This disease, remains with pain even for a week. Meanwhile the slight fever may also occurs the patient.
5 Another symptom is the presence of kidney stones, having uric acid. In this condition kidneys do not function properly.
6 The main Reason for this disease is the formation of uric acid crystals in the joints, kidneys and also in skin.
7 The patient affected from this disease uric acid in the blood will be more than in normal and passes out by the kidneys in the urine.
8  When the uric acid fills the blood in large quantity, it can’t be dissolved in the blood. If forms as the crystals in the needle-shaped, in the joints, skin and kidneys.
9  Gout may also occur because of the habitual usage of alcoholic drinks, more eating of such foods containing protein and carbon hydrates very much.
10. It may even occur because of lack of regular and proper exercises, physical as well as mental stress.
1 Raw vegetable combined juices by carrot, beetroot and cucumber are beneficial to this disease, when taken daily once or twice for a week.
2 The patient may use bananas daily as his food for a week.
3 Apples are also good remedy, when gouts occurs because they contain malic acid in them. Apples thus used, neutralises the uric acid and gives relief from pain to the patients.
4 Lime juice is also protective against gout. Because lime juice contains the Vitamin ‘C’ and also the citric acid which is solvent of the uric acid. Lime juice many be taken daily twice for a couple of days for the recovery from the disease
5. The use of orange juice is the best remedy for gout, of all.
6. Epsom salts Baths are very beneficial to the sufferers of this disease.
7. Walk in fresh air and outdoor exercises are needful for the patients, suffered by the gouts.
1. The patient should avoid the usage of such foods containing uric acid products
2 It is better not to use the eggs, meat & etc
3 The patient has to avoid the usage of Coffee, tea. and
also white flour products.

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