To treat brain disease, give three spoons of Gooseberry juice with three spoons of honey to drink.
To get relief from stomach ache, take Gooseberry juice with sugar.
To get rid of sore mouth, rinse the mouth with a decoction made from Gooseberry leaves in water.
To get rid of giddiness and indigestion, take Star fruit with salt.
To stop excessive sweating, apply Gooseberry juice to the palm.
To get relief from anal irritation and burning sensation, consume gooseberry pieces mixed in buttermilk.
To instantly stop bleeding from mouth, nose and anus, mix ripe gooseberry pieces well in hot water and squeeze and sugar. Filter the whole mixture and consume the liquid.
To prevent diseases arising from lack of Vitamin C, take one spoon of gooseberry juice mixed with one spoon of honey regularly every morning.
To prevent Eye problems, consume Gooseberry juice regularly.
To treat persons, who have blood excessively, give gooseberry with honey, to improve health and fitness.
To a certain extent to control Blood sugar, give finely ground gooseberry fruit with sugar.
To treat Diabetics and persons loosing hair, give gooseberry regularly to get rid of the ailments.
To prevent premature greying and enhance hair growth, apply gooseberry well mixed in oil to the hair.
To prevent cold, respiratory problems, Tuberculosis and premature ageing, cook gooseberry in sugar syrup (MORAL) or make chutney of gooseberry and consume regularly.
To help cure cold, breathing problem, premature ageing. Diabetes, loss of hair and to improve memory, consume gooseberry regularly.

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