gauzUcaI, Amritá, Giloy, Tinosporia cordifolia


Sanskrit: Guæúchí



Hindi: Amritá, Giloy

English: None

Latin: Tinosporia cordifolia Miers; (Menisper mum cordifolium, Cocculuc cordifolia, E. Tinospora) Part Used: Roots, stems

Habitat: Himalayas, throughout Madras Presidency districts

Energetics: Bitter, sweet-hot-sweet VPK= Systems: Circulatory, digestive

Action: Alterative, antiperiodic, bitter tonic, di- uretic, febrifuge

Uses: One of the few tridoähic immune-boost- ing herbs (with £hilájit). AIDS, Pitta diseases, blood purifier, fever and convalescence from fe- vers, jaundice, digestion, gout, chronic rheuma- tism, constipation, hemorrhoids, dysentery, Kapha jaundice, skin disease, chronic malarial fevers, tu- berculosis, cancer (strengthens persons before and after chemotherapy).

Spiritual Uses: Produces ojas

Preparation: Extract, powder, for serious illnesses like cancer, use one or more ounces daily

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