gaaEirPla, Red Rasp- berry, Rubus wallichii


Hindi: None

English: Red Rasp- berry

Latin : Rubus wallichii

Part Used: Leaves


Energetics: Astrin- gent, sweet-cold sweet PK(V+ in excess)

Tissues: Blood, muscles, plasma

Systems: Circulatory, digestive, female reproduc- tive

Actions: Alterative, antiemetic, astringent, hemo- static, tonic

Uses: Diarrhea, dysentery, female reproductive organs, heartburn, thirst, cholera   hemorrhoids, hemorrhage in stomach, inflamed mucous mem- branes, intestinal flu, menstruation (irregular or excess), kidneys, liver, nausea, Pitta disorders, pre- childbirth toning, prolapse of uterus or anus, sores, spleen, vomiting, tones lower abdomen muscles, uterine bleeding, sore throats, wounds, ulcers, pas- sive stomach hemorrhage, summer heat.

Precautions: Most varieties promote abortion ex– cept American red raspberry; Váyu constipation Preparation: Hot or cold infusion, powder, paste

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