Home Remedies with FENUGREEK

To treat Dysentery and bleeding during loose motions, make a mixture of one teaspoon of Fenugreek seeds and thick curds and consume it.
To treat Dysentery take one spoon of fried Fenugreek seeds and add it to butter milk and drink twice a day.
To enhance Breast milk production, make gruel out of fried Fenugreek seeds, milk and sugar and consume it.
To reduce Muscular pain, prepare Dosa from Fenugreek flour and eat it with steam baked Fenugreek leaves curry.
To avoid premature greying of hair, make a mixture of Fenugreek seeds and coconut oil and apply to the head. During this period cool water bath should be preferred to hot water bath.
To  prevent facial skin from creasing and forming lines, make a paste of fenugreek in water, mix it with boiling milk, cool it and apply the mixture to the face before going to bed in the night. In the morning, wash the face with hot water.
Body ache, back pain and midriff pain can be cured by the frequent Use of fenugreek.
To get relief from burning sensation in the sole and elbow, make a paste of fenugreek seeds, by soaking it in water and apply the paste to the sole and elbow.

To avoid hair falling, dandruff and to ensure good growth of hair, apply a paste made of fenugreek seeds in coconut milk to the head and take a bath.
To get cured from phlegm, make a decoction taking one teaspoon of green (fresh) ginger and one cup of fenugreek leaves in water and add honey and drink it.
To  get rid of joint pain, eat steam cooked green fenugreek leaves.
To  enhance memory power, do the following.
Cut green fenugreek leaves and radish in to small pieces, mix them with sufficient salt, pepper and cumin seeds. Add ghee seasoning to the mixture and consume the mixture.
To avoid lung related ailments, regularly consume curry made of baked fenugreek leaves and pulses.
To prevent deceases of the heart, lungs and brain eat regularly curry made of fenugreek leaves.

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