Fens Shui’s Application

Feng shui practice can be applied to almost every facet of the living and working condition. It has to do with enhancing the energies of the surrounding environment as well as the immediate living and work space. It functions on the premise that if one lives – breathes, sleeps, sits, eats, and works – surrounded by healthy vibrant energy, then one will be enveloped by an aura of good vibrations that attract excellent good fortune. On the other hand if one is shrouded by bad energy, dead energy, killing energy … then the environment brings grave misfortunes.
Good luck comes in a variety of different ways, and encompass all the physical, mental and spiritual aspirations of mankind. Bad luck also comes in different guises and run the gamut from ill health to loss to missing opportunities, to being plagued by injury, failure and betrayal. Enjoying good feng shui gives you a very serious edge over your competitors. Suffering from bad feng shui places you at an acute disadvantage. Feng shui principles should be put to use in your home and in your place of work. If you are in business, it should be applied to your office, your retail and branch outlets, your factories, and your warehouses. If you are a career person, feng shui should be activated at your desk, and each time you undertake an important assignment.
Your home can be a bungalow, a town house, an apartment, or a single room, shared with someone or at college. Your home can be rented or owned. It can be temporary or permanent. Any space where you retire to at the end of each day for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation should offer you the benefits of an auspicious and harmonious flow of energy. When your home enjoys good feng shui, you will be wrapped with vibrant and revitalizing energy.
Each of the rooms in your home can benefit from feng shui – the public areas like living rooms and the dining rooms, as well as the private areas like family and bed rooms. Layout, orientations, shapes, color schemes, placement of furniture, decorative objects and paintings – all add to the totality of the whole. How to put them all together to directly benefit the residents is what feng shui applications is about.
The best way to go about it is to take a systematic approach, in so doing, it is necessary to first understand at least the basic fundamentals and concepts of feng shui. Practice feng shui awareness and develop a solutions oriented attitude. Remember that there are practical and inexpensive remedies to most feng shui problems, and it is seldom necessary to resort to drastic expensive measures.
One can apply a combination of the various school of feng shui. Do not be surprised by the multitude of feng shui guidelines that seem proliferate in the market place today. Different masters may offer different recommendations depending on where and how they acquired their knowledge.
When in doubt go back to basics, and apply a healthy dose of common sense.

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