Feng Shui can help you acquire wealth only when you work towards acquiring it. It will support you to seek fame and fortune and will create a congenial environment for the same. Feng Shui redirects the energy flow your home and office, in order to attract the wealth opportunities, thus making you prosperous. However, the basic tips remain the same as always; wisely arrange the Feng Shui elements and objects in your space. These steps will ensure that you take your first step towards your goal.
The ruling element of the wealth corner is wood and the direction is south-east. Therefore, the Southeast corner of your home and office must be kept clean and organized. The lighting in this area should be natural, neither too bright nor to dim. Keep this corner constantly lighted or for as long as possible. Apart from this, the free flow of chi, the energy, is a must. Maintain high levels of oxygen so that it brings abundance, vitality and strengthens the energy field. Besides, objects like Citrine and Pyrite, the “sun mineral” is also known for attracting wealth and strengthening your self-esteem.

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