Feng Shui Tips for Seating in Living Room

Placement of seat is very important as per feng shui tips. Ideally the seats should face the door so that while sitting on a chair you should he able to see the door without moving.
The seats in a living room as per the feng shui tips should never be placed with its back facing the door or window.
Seating in your living room should be placed in such a way that it breaks up direct pathways.
– It is essential that there should also be an even number of seats in the room.
The most comfortable seat in the living room should be kept reserved for a guest and should never have its back facing a door.
Do not place too much of furniture so as to make the room overcrowded. If necessary remove the least-used items in the room.
Clear the course of positive energy for your living room by using small-sized furniture.
All Fang Shui furniture should have a straightforward design so that it will not interrupt the flow of good energy.
Furniture should not clutter your decor.
An area of the room which is considered to have stagnant Chi can best be remedied with an aquarium or a television. The placement of potted plants or flowers are also effective enhancers for these areas.

Feng Shui Living Room Color
Try to paint your room with colors that go best with your furniture. Do not use colors that oppose the furniture or artwork. If possible derive the colors from your artwork to help create a harmony between the two. Soft pastels are always popular and good according in the feng shui tips for living room. Before making a final choice on colour, get to know the symbolic definition for them. For example:
Yellow = authority
White = purity
Green = longevity
Blue = heavenly blessings
Red = happiness

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