Whenever anyone wants to buy a home, the first thing that we consider is that if it is big enough, or if it is well designed or uniquely designed, but we totally neglected the factor of whether if the Feng Shui of the house if good or bad. Houses which are uniquely designed may not be good, due to the fact that each four, corners of a house hold a different kind of Feng Shui element that the house need for it to be a perfect place to live.
For example, if your house is a triangular-shaped house, and your house lacked the “West” corner, this will cause the couples in the house to have a hard time trying to conceive. So always try to buy a brand new home, or do a thorough renovation to your house so that it is in the regular shape of a square or rectangle for better Feng Shui, good chi and luck.
Other than that, make sure there is nothing around your housing estate that will bring bad luck to the entire development of your home, things or landmarks like for example cemeteries, water tanks and electric power lines. Then take a stroll around your housing estate to check and make sure that there are no poles or pillars or any solid tall object blocking or hitting at your main entrance.
Remember to have your front door built to be strong and firm, and when your front door opens up, it should open to a big welcoming landing and not a narrow hallway, because a front door opening to a large welcoming landing invites much more prosperity and fortune into the house compared to a front door that opens to a small landing area.
The main door should not be directly in line with your kitchen, as this will cause unnecessary expenditures and make the accumulation of wealth difficult for everyone, also never hang mirrors right at the front of your front door or main entrance, because by doing this, you will be chasing your visitors, friends or even relatives away.
Last but not least try to get the bedrooms to be as big and spacious as possible so that you can position the beds to be facing the most auspicious direction for the person sleeping in the room. Do not ever position your bed against any wall with the toilet directly on the opposite of it, this will cause unnecessary obstacles and troubles in your relationship or marriage, and be sure not to sleep under a sewage pipe or support beam.
There should not be a water tank right above the bed room, where we sleep.

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