Feng Shui tips and guidelines laid down for a receptive main door.

There are a number of considerations like the material of the door, the color of the door and the direction it is facing. These parameters are to be considered and set right. In case the door of your house is facing south, you need to paint it according to the element of the same direction.
The element of South is fire, so paint the door red, orange, purple, strong pink, etc. You can also use green and brown colors associated with the element of wood, as it breeds fire. Another wise decision you need to make, along with the main door, is the protection of the back of the house. This will help the house to hold the energy it absorbs. For instance, the back of the house facing south will be towards north. Thus, you can paint the back door of your house in blue or black color. This is because these colors are representative of Water element, ruling the North direction.
Apart from this, one also needs to take care that no architectural feature hampers the energy flow into the house. For example, if there is a staircase directly facing the main door, it poses a problem in the distribution of free flow of energy and leaves the main door with less energy in comparison to what is required. This can be prevented by placing an art, strong colors, a big plant or a vase of flowers, specific pieces of furniture or mirrors. However, do not place the mirror directly facing the entrance, as it will push all the energy out, before it enters the house.
It is of utmost importance to know what type of chi or ‘nutrients’ the door is taking into the house. The chi that is being brought into the house should be yang chi and not yin chi.
When an external storage room is opposite the main door, the storage room has stagnant chi which is not considered to be healthy. This is one of the causes of sickness and loss of opportunity to the household. The remedy is to move the door of the storage room to a position not facing the main door.
One of the most frequent violation to the accumulation of family resources is having a mirror in line with the front door. The mirror reflects fortune chi from entering the house. The cure is to relocate the mirror.

A toilet door facing the front door keeps the fortune yang chi from entering the house as the yin chi produced by the toilet neutralizes the yang chi that enters the door.
Having a toilet above the front door ensures unnecessary expenditure and is a drain to family fortune.
The placement of the front door does not encourage fortune chi to be coursed into the house when the adjacent water closet ‘flushes’ out whatever yang chi that enters the house.
* There should be some distance between the door and the ceiling. A house with a low ceiling, with the top of the door touching the ceiling, will exert pressure on the chi that passes through the door and does not augur well for family fortune.
Another type of pressure exerted on the chi coming through the door is an exposed beam crossing the door. This does not enhance family fortune. The cure is to drop the ceiling to cover the exposed beam, once covered the pressure exerted by the beam is ‘absorbed’ by the ceiling panel.
A bedroom door that opens to the front door indicates the couple will spend unusually long hours in the bedroom indulging in bedroom activities to the detriment of their health. This can indirectly affect their stamina and ability to cope with other responsibilities. The psychological urge is to head for the bedroom as soon as you reach the house. The cure is to re-locate the bedroom door.
Fung Shui places strong emphasis on the Northeast and Southwest sections of a house for these are called the ‘Devil’s Gate’ positions. It is believed by some people who when a house has its door opened on the Northeast it conjures evil spirits to enter. This is especially true when both the front and rear doors are being located in the ‘Devil’s Gate’ positions. The cure is to relocate the rear or Northeast door as Northeast is the major ‘Devil’s Gate’ position.
Chi is ventilation or the circulation of energy in a given space. It acts almost similar to the air conditioning system in that the chi also revolves around a room. A slanted ceiling will exert different levels of pressure on the space below it. The lowest portion exerts more pressure than the highest portion.
Different ceiling levels created by exposed beams create a ‘bumpy’ pressure on the space below. That is why it is not advisable to be seated under exposed beams. The remedy is to move away from the exposed beam or to drop the ceiling. Dropping the ceiling will give a smooth ceiling effect and the chi will be able to revolve around the house without much obstruction.
If the exposed beams are above 9 ft. from the floor, theft the effect of the beams is negligible as long as you don’t stay under them for more than six hours in a stretch.

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