Feng Shui Symbols of Good Fortune

Hidden meanings associated with objects and events often have greater potency than ordinary language can describe. The symbolism of Chinese beliefs is usually rich with nuances and contains multiple shades of meanings. Thus for example in a Chinese painting of landscape, there are meanings in the way clouds, trees, mountains, rocks, streams, grass add the characters have been drawn in. To the untrained eye the painting shows a, scenic view, nothing more. But to the trained eye, expert in the hidden meanings of feng shui symbols, the way the clouds are shaped, the selection of trees, the positioning of the water, rocks and grass and finally the shape and orientation of mountains in the painting can indicate messages of goodwill.
Chinese artists of the old days were thus knowledgeable about the more popular good fortune symbols. This not only enhanced the marketability of their works but also increased their commissioned business.
All oriental paintings are meant to be appreciated not simply as works of art. They must view as conveying symbolic meanings. They have characteristic themes like longevity, prosperity, happiness and so forth, and these meanings are suggested not by words but by images.
Chinese Paintings are almost always painted with auspicious themes so that they usually mean more than simply the images drawn. These images can be plants, trees, animals, flowers, mountains, deities, or humans. There is virtually nothing in the whole of nature, organic or inorganic, no creature, and no colour – which the Chinese painter does not view as being imbued with symbolic meaning.
Landscape painting has the theme of longevity. There is a grove of pine trees in the foreground. These symbolize long life. This painting has a good meaning and can be hung in the living room preferably on the west wall to benefit the older residents.
Phonetics & Puns often give clues to hidden meanings of images. Thus a picture of a fish is an expression of abundance because the word fish yu means abundance. It is for this reason that the Chinese have an almost obsessive passion for keeping fish and why the fish is generally regarded as a good fortune symbol.
When you offer fish to someone – it means you are wishing that someone an abundance of wealth. If you keep goldfish it means you are creating the symbolism of an abundance of gold! The chi created is very auspicious
How to use fengshui symbols as feng shui energizers The symbols of the wu xing or five elements. Categorized under the five elements are symbols that energize, strengthen and magnify the direction or comer that corresponds to the element. Each sector is also identified with a different kind of luck. This is one of the simplest ways of strengthening the elements of corners with good fortune symbols.
According to wu xing, everything in the Universe Рeven and especially the eight primary and secondary directions of the compass, can be categorized as belonging to either one of the five elements Рwood, fire, water, metal and earth. And according to the laws of feng shui the five elements have both a producing and a destroying cycle.
Magic Bell
Singing bells works in a similar way to singing bowls. Their sound purify the space, bathing it with the balanced yin and yang energy. Both singing bowls and bells have the ability to attract yang energy from the ten directions towards them.
Like singing bowls there small golden bells are alsomade from seven types of metal representing the 7 planets. They signify the element of metal from heaven and they improve and become more potent with regular use. The more you use these bells to start all your feng shui rituals the more yang energy they are able to attract; needing only to be rung lightly to release the harmonics of tinkling, lingering sound which instantly attracts people to it.

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