Feng shui sword of coins

Over time the use of these coin amulets became something of a superstition, and coins worn around the neck evolved into clusters of coins tied to resemble swords, decorated with knots and tassels. These swordb coins are now forwarding off shar chi or killing breath.
‘ These knife coins, whose origin goes right back to the 1st century BCE, are believed to make excellent antidotes for Feng Shui afflicted comers, which threaten the loss of the family’s wealth. You can place these knife coins in the corners of your home that give you problems, although they are really believed to be most effective for overcoming losses in commercial life.
“Always hang the sword coins on the northwest or west walls of the office behind you. This symbol should never be hung in front of you, since this turns the potency of the sword against you.”
If you are not in a corporate or political environment, ignore the sword of coins – you do not need its aggressive chi to overcome the kind of bad luck encountered in domestic life. It is only when you have to contend with the often ruthless nature of commerce or politics that the sword coins become an invaluable Feng Shui tool.

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