Feng Shui Statues

The mystical Feng Shui figurines are a symbol of prosperity, abundance and great fortune. Placing these striking statues in your home also ensures good health for you and your family members. Feng Shui is an art form that teaches to live in harmony with the earth and has been practised in Far East for several thousandof years.. These statues will certainly bring success in your life. They are.
In Chinese language, feng is the name for wind and shui is the name for water. According to their culture, these two elements are related to good health and good fortune. For more than 3000 years feng shui has become the art and science to control the natural energies and thus to assure good health and good fortune for a person. Here are brief descriptions on 3 feng shui statues, which you can use to ensure your prosperity in all respect.
1. The dragon headed turtle: is a common feng shui item, which is the symbol of health, wealth and protection. The magic squares carried by this turtle will help you as a guide in your life. The turtle has power to delve into the secrets of earth and heaven. If you want to use this feng shui item for ensuring good health, then you should place a blue ribbon in its mouth. For ensuring wealth and good relationship at your home, you should put a gold ribbon and red ribbon, respectively. The turtle can produce best result, if you place it on a northern direction of your home or office. However, you should not put this item in the kitchen or toilet.
2. Money frog: is another famous feng shui item that protects you against misfortune and ensures more wealth and prosperity. The back of the money frog is sometimes accented with 7 diamond dots. In fact, these 7 dots represent the great 7 stars of North Pole, which are the base of the Chinese astrology. Usually this frog should be kept near the cash register of your office. But in case of home, it proves to be more successful if kept in a corner, which is just diagonally across the entrance point. A money frog placed in the corner of a room, activates the money luck of the family and household.
3. Dragons: According to Chinese mythology, the dragons play a major role in bringing you prosperity and good fortune. There are different types of dragons, which are used in feng shui to represent various elements like the strength of heaven, energy etc.
Sometimes the dragons are associated with a ball or pearl, which denotes things like sun or moon. You can place these dragons at any place of your home for ensuring protection, energy, strength and power.

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