Feng shui has a significant influence on every room in a home. The living room is the place reserved for relaxation, interaction, conversation, and relationships. In Feng Shui term, it is considered to be the heart ol the home. Constantly there is a flow of energy around us that further changes our environment and so influence us in either a positive or a negative way. Feng shui living room is made in such a way that more positive energy can be generated for a successful living. Any dark areas in your living room must be lighten up to attract the positive energy, chi. Chi should flow through all the areas, furniture and corners.
* Make the fireplace a central element of your living room instead of television or any other metal based item.
* Mirror is an important element of feng shui tips for living room and can be placed strategically. It widens the look of the room and can be used to reflect the door.

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