Feng Shui also plays an important part in the bed room although very few people notice it. You can still design the bedroom you desire but as long as you place your bed as per your KUA direction, and just follow some basic bed room Feng Shui guidelines, you will be fine. Your master bedroom in your house is the most important bedroom as usually the head of the family sleeps there. The head of the family controls the finances of the house and there are a few things to consider.
The positioning of the bed
Always place your bed in your correct KUA direction. If you auspicious direction is North, when you sleep, your head should be pointing the North Direction. Sometimes, it is not possible to point to your best direction due to some obstruction for example if the north direction is the main entrance, then use the second best direction to place your bed. If husband and wife KUA direction is conflicting, then you need to find a direction that is not conflicting to both of you. If so happen that all directions are conflicting, and then you should follow the KUA direction of the Head of the Family.
The location of your bedroom sector
It is good that you check your bedroom sector against the Flying Star Feng Shui to see which Star your bedroom is located. There are all nine sectors in Flying Star, and each Flying Star has it affliction and cure.
For your bed room
1. The bed should not be placed directly below an exposed beam.
2. Do not position the bed so it faces another bedroom door.
3. Do not position any mirrors facing the bed.
4. The bed should r to be placed between 2 doors.
5. Neither should the bed face against a wall. It should not be floating.
6. The headboard must be placed against a wall. It should not be “Floating”.
7. Never move the bed when your wife is pregnant
8. The bedroom should no.! be located above a garage, storeroom or kitchen.
9. Do not have the bedroom door face the top of the stairs.
10. Do not sleep in a room directly facing the toilet.
11. Do not have fancy archways in your bedroom.
12. Do not place plotted plants or an aquarium in the bed room.

Below are few examples of bad bedroom Feng Shui:
You should not sleep where your head is pointing to windows.
There is some decorative hanging on top of your bed.
You should not have any beam running across your bed as well, also avoid having a TV facing your bed.

The Ideal place for your bed is make sure your bed headrest is touching the wall and facing your best KUA
direction. It is simple and to enhance your relationship, just place a pair of Mandarin Ducks in your bedroom. For ladies, you can add some Feng Shui Enhancers to your dressing table.
Keep your bedroom bright
Bedroom is a place for us to sleep, so not much movement in the bedroom, thus making the ‘Yin’ energy accumulated very strung in the bedroom. ‘Yin Chi’ is not good for us, therefore you need to keep your
bedroom bright from sun light during the day time You can hang some faceted crystal ball at the windows to
enhance the ‘Yang’ energy from the sun light.

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