The feng shui bagua

The feng shui bagua is an octagonal grid divided into nine sections.
For the sake of convenience, it is often represented in the shape of a rectangle, which is what we are using on this page.
If you imagine cutting each comer off the rectangle, you will see the underlying octagonal shape.
Each section of the bagua relates to a key aspect of life, as seen on the diagram below:

    Blessings (Wealth)     Illumination (Fame)    Relationships
   Elders       Unity    Creativity
  contemplation     Journey      Friends

The nine sections are defined as follows:

⦁ The Blessings (wealth) area relates to your financial situation.
⦁ The Illuminations (fame) area relates to your reputation and position in the world.
⦁ The Relationships area relates to your personal and business relationships.
⦁ The Elders area relates to your mentors and older family members.
⦁ The Unity area is the center of the room and is generally kept free of encumbrances.
⦁ The Creativity area relates to your sources of inspiration.
⦁ The Contemplation area relates to relaxation and. meditation.
⦁ The Journey area relates to your destiny or path through life.
⦁ The Friends area relates to both mentors and your contribution to others.
When the bagua pattern is placed over the floor plan of a building, it pinpoints the specific areas that influence these nine key aspects. You can then place symbolic items in the relevant locations to enhance those areas of your life.
There are two schools of thought with regard to the placement of the bagua:
⦁ One school asserts that since the bagua is based on the Chinese compass, in which the top section faces due south, the bagua should be oriented with the southern (fame) aspect aligned against the south wall of the building.

    Blessings (Wealth)   Illumination (Fame)     Relationships
      Elders       Unity     Creativity
   contemplation     Journey     Friends

South Wall
⦁ The second approach aligns the lower aspect of the bagua with the wall containing the front door. This can result in a placement in exact opposition to the first system.

  Blessings (Wealth)   Illumination (Fame)   Relationships
  Elders      Unity     Creativity
    contemplation    Journey Friends

Front Door
We favor the second approach with one modification: we create an additional fame area against the south wall and an additional wealth area beside it.

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