Female sterility (Risksome in conceiving)

This sort of ailment commonly happens at the delivery lime to the females sterility gives the meaning of “Failure”. here it means failure in reproducing
1 Severe pain in stomach
2 Fatigue in the body
3  Even headache at certain times

1 Because of physical defects and debility in the body
2 Even because of functional faults.
3 Because of the consequence by certain diseases already caused, like Syphilis, Gonorrhoea etc

4  Because of Psychological stress and tension taken necessarily and unnecessarily.

5   Because of mental depression
1  Doctors to be consulted, as soon as the disease appears

2 The dried up banyan roots should be powdered and be mixed in the hot milk. While using this remedy no other food to be taken at any cost
3 Nutrients contaminate vitamin C and ‘E! are more helpful in curing this disease.
4. Fresh jambs leaves should be boiled in the hot water and the infusion of the leaves may be taken with honey or the butter milk.
5. Fasting is an excellent remedy to a certain extent for this disease.
1. Attention on diet, with suggestions by the expert doctors is quite necessary to the patient.
2. Green vegetable and juicy fresh fruits should be used by the patient to the most extent.
3. Curd and home-made cheese are also beneficial in usage for the patients, suffering from sterility.
4. Uncooked food is quite healthy for the patients at this time. Because the nutritional value of more foods remain “undestroyed”.
5. White sugar, white flour should not be used.
6. Spicy food, flesh food, fried food should be avoided.
7. Warm water enema should be followed in the beginning.
8. Mud packs and cold water treat quick cure of this disease.
9. Yogasanas help very much in overcoming female sterility.

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