Fast and Easy Feng Shui Tips

* I’ve enjoyed using feng shui for several years. For me, it is the simple arranging of furniture to let the energy flow better in my house and in my work space. Small things helped like:
* Not having my back to the door has helped me work easier.
* Cleaning up clutter helped me relax (ie. I could find things easier!).
* Widening and cleaning the front path makes coming home more inviting.
* Putting a large mirror behind the stove made it so I wouldn’t be surprised when someone came up behind me (and helped prosperity… though that isn’t as logical).
* Putting a mirror up at the end of a hallway makes it not seem like a dead end.
* Making paths between rooms and through rooms wide and easy to use allows me to walk around easily (as well as get the chi to move).
* Oiling doors so they didn’t squeak reduced irritation.
* Adding something I love to the view 1 get when opening my front door makes coming home feel more welcoming.
* Closing my toilet lid made it quieter and seems to stop money from going down the drain.
* Here is a list of standard “cures” that I’ve used:
* Arrange furniture so you can face the doors while sitting (or add a mirror so you can see behind you)
* Making the environment much more comfortable (sitting away from drafts, adjusting lights, etc.)
* Add crystal balls on the ceiling to help move the energy of your space
* Add wind chimes or musical instruments to regulate energy
* Add colors or art to bring in desired energy
* Add trees, flagpoles or upward pointing lighting to raise energy
* Add a properity frog to your living room for more money.

For Every Obstacle There is a Feng Shui Solution.

Go in, out, around, or straight through it
We often encounter problems and obstacles in life. Using Feng Shui approaches to help overcome them comes with what we call adopting a “Feng Shui Lifestyle.” For every obstacle we come across, we are most likely meant to LEARN something. All of life is a learning process but if you get too “stuck” on what the lesson was you won’t be able to navigate around the problem.
Obstacles can present themselves in a number of ways. Health issues, money difficulties, problems with our children or other family members that make us worry issues with our relationships or careers. In adopting a Feng Shui lifestyle, take a good, objective look at the problem confronting you.
A Feng Shui lifestyle asks us to keep a balance in life. Try to remember this as you are going through the “hard” times. Keeping a balance of work and play, in our diet and sleep can help us come to an answer of how best to deal with the obstacle. While it can be extremely difficult to.sleep well during these times, do whatever you can to clear your head before bedtime. Besides restoring our bodies for the next day, answers can suddenly come to us when our bodies are most open to thoughts, ideas and solutions.
Feng Shui words “Go with the Flow.” I agree with those words, we are often able to do that but for other obstacles and situations, confronting and dealing with it head on will not keep you “stuck” on it but will allow you to move forward in life.

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